A family company, which today covers about 7000 square meters, with a production capacity of more than 1000 mattresses a day and continuing their professional tradition from generation to generation: then as now the Pennacchi Brothers are committed to trying to offer with the brand Mollyflex and the brand ComfortStyleMATERASSI of best quality and excellent service.

Always the brand Mollyflex stands for quality, comfort and style: mattresses designed and produced with care and experience, both in the internal composition and the fabric used for external cladding. The best materials and latest technologies for health and healthy sleep.

ComfortStyleMATERASSI is a line dedicated mainly to multi-brand stores: not only a brand but a guarantee of much work carefully crafted by professionals, in order to provide consumer wellness, style and comfort.

To all this must be added the extreme reliability of our brands, the full service offered to our customers and the great respect for our suppliers: it is thanks to all our values ​​that our brand has evolved over the years both in the Italian market abroad, offering articles, mattresses and accessories made ​​in Italy that are always new, innovative and customizable.

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