Present, past and future of the company that manufactures products for sleep

The company Mollyflex Srl was born in Ghedi (BS) in 1980, as a mattress factory, thanks to the love and commitment of the family Pennacchi.

The continuous evolution of new Italian products and the high professionalism dedicated to constant research of new technologies used in the production of mattresses, has allowed Mollyflex Srl in the 90s starting to appear on the foreign market, experiencing a great success thanks to growing demand for productsmade in Italy.


During the '90 Mollyflex has further expanded its production of mattresses, opening the production to the use of healthy materials and orthopedic, such as latex foam, polyurethanefoam and viscoelastic (shape memory). For over 30 years we take care of your healthy sleep, offering a wide range of mattresses made in Italy that combine comfort, style and quality, in full compliance with the certifications.

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