Relax Chairs

The Easy Chair Range offers interesting solutions to complete your lounge area at home or to provide a relaxing alternative in the bedroom. An easy chair must be comfortable and suit your requirements, which is why Mollyflex offers:

  • a full range of different colours and styles
  • a reclining backrest
  • an extendable footrest

Our  Easy Chairs  come with an electric motor with a handy remote control that you can use to recline the backrest or extend the footrest effortlessly. 

Motorized Chairs Mollyflex

The motorized chair of Mollyflex offers comfort and relaxation to your body. Equipped with engine, the chair will allow you to reach the ideal position for your body effortlessly. In fact, thanks to the remote control, you can recline the backrest or lengthen the footrest. Moreover, if you have mobility problems, the motorized chair Mollyflex will take upright with a single click.