Goose down range

To get a good night’s sleep it is essential for the body to breathe and to achieve efficient thermal regulation. There is nothing like goose down and feathers for sleeping well. In addition to being extremely lightweight, they act as thermal insulation, surrounding  the body with the natural warmth produced by metabolism. These characteristics can only be guaranteed by using superior quality raw materials, production systems, fabrics and manufacturing methods, which is precisely what Mollyflex does.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, we have developed with care and devotion a range of goose down products that include mattress covers and pillow cases to suit all tastes. Thanks to the use of premium quality materials and down fillings, the Mollyflex goose down range is the timeless expression of refinedness.

Our goose down fillings are:

  1. THERMOREGULATING: they distribute warmth evenly
  2. NON-ALLERGENIC: they prevent the proliferation of dust mites
  3. HYGROSCOPIC: they absorb body moisture generated during the night  and release it by day
  4. STERILISED: total absence of micro-organisms