Bed frame P38 SPH

The P38 SPH bed base ensures appropriate support. Designed to optimize the functions of Mollyflex mattresses, P38 SPH has become a must-have that protects your back and neck even when lying on your side, with your shoulder sinking into the mattress, and therefore completely compressed by the weight of the torso.

The innovative system with 3D support, positioned in the shoulder area, ensures that the shoulder is able to move in three dimensions and allows you to maintain a correct and natural alignment of the spine.

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Available in Fixed Line, Single and Single Articulated Articulated Motorized Motorized LIBERA:
- Fixed network 80/85-90/120/160/165-170 cm x 190/200 cm
- Network Single articulated motorized 80/85-90/120 cm x 190/200 cm
- Network Single articulated motorized LIBERA cm. 80/85-90 x cm. 190/200


Structure of laminated beech section 70x25 mm for the outer case 50 x 25 mm for the inner frame with treatment of creature.
Supports door strips SPH red;
N 02 beechwood slats section 68 x 8 mm molded melamine paper covered with dark gray;
N 06 section 38 strips x 8 mm beech melamine paper covered with charcoal and dotted in the basin;
N 06 double rails for adjusting the weight in the pelvis with red sliders;
N 04 fungi gray area spallaa mounted on strip section 45 x 12 mm
N 02 dark gray slotted strips mounted next to the row of mushrooms (one above and one below);
beechwood slats section 38 x 8 mm covered with melamine paper pearlweiss;
1 motor up to head / foot standard batteries for the return position without isolation transformer for model with moving levers to 4 sections (Hettic)


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