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Federica Molly
Federica Molly

14 January 2013


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14 January 2013

Mollyflex leaves Manerbio New challenge in Castiglione

Mollyflex leaves Manerbio New challenge in Castiglione

MOVING TO ANOTHER SITE. Our 15 employees will follow our company into the Mantua province area. An “effort” amounting to 2.5 mln in order to enlarge our production.

The entrepreneurial galaxy of the southern Brescia province area is losing another company. But the transfer of “Mollyflex Srl” from Manerbio doesn’t hide the umpteenth tale of ordinary crisis. On the contrary a plan of expansion of the manufacturing and commercial network is driving this ancient mattress company to move to Castiglione delle Stiviere, just beyond the border with Mantua province. The estate and administration dynamics that have obliged Mollyflex to invest 2.5 million Euros out of the province should suggest and encourage a reflection upon the inability of a territory and its organizations to answer the development demand arising from the companies and upon the quotation of land in the Brescia areas that seems to be off market especially in a declining period. «The Manerbio location had clearly become unsuitable for our business plan - Anna Pennacchi confirms, who together with her three brothers Paolo, Francesco and Daniele runs the company that their father Raffaele founded at Ghedi more than thirty years ago. Facing an increasing order amount - also due to the empowerment of our position within the foreign market and the large-scale retail trade within our national territory as well as to the plan of creating a franchising network, we decided to promote a long term operation. Despite some bureaucracy problems at the beginning, we found the perfect conditions to enlarge our business in Castiglione ». The new premises in the locality of Prede is being completed: next to the manufacturing premises, which occupy an area of four thousand square metres, a new showroom with a factory shop for direct sales to the public has been organized; there are also the executive offices and the research laboratory which represents the added value of this investment. «The new premises – underlines Mrs. Anna Pennacchi – will actually allow us to raise the innovation level of our products as we will intensify research on new materials in order to improve the quality of our mattresses ».  As far as the sales network is concerned, the historic showroom at Ghedi will remain open.
«We would have established the new factory at Ghedi but, notwithstanding we started our research in 2008, we haven’t succeeded in finding an adequate location - Anna Pennacchi admits -: our decision to relocate to the Mantua area has been influenced by the incidence of the land prices which are certainly lower than those applied in the Brescia area ». The average output of «Mollyflex» is one thousand mattresses per day. At operating speed, the output of the new premises will be 1/3 higher. At the Castiglione location we will carry on with the manufacture of a wide range of accessories among which wooden bed frames and pillows stand out. Our 15 employees will follow our company.
Mollyflex was founded on 1980 at Ghedi as a mattress factory. The continuous development of new Italian products and the high competence dedicated to constant research of new technologies allowed the company to start dealing with foreign markets at the beginning of the 1990s meeting with an excellent success thanks to the increasing demand of the «made in Italy» products.
Thanks to eighty thousand items sold per year, our company has succeeded in improving the range of products by introducing the use of healthier and ortho-pedically sanitary materials such as visco-elastic, latex foam and non-deformable expanded polyurethane.

Fonte:  Bresciaoggi.it del 12/1/2013

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