14 October 2016

Turning the mattress over: how and when

Turning the mattress over: how and when

Looking after a mattress requires following a few simple and clear rules. One of these is turning the mattress over so as to avoid only one side becoming over-worn, to ensure correct posture and more restful sleep over the years. Each type of mattress has its characteristics and not all models necessarily require the same type of treatment.

Memory-foam mattresses, for example, ought to be turned from head to foot approximately every 3 months so the mattress does not become too deformed according to the shape of our body. If in fact the mattress is turned regularly, its shape will remain more uniform. In the case of polyurethane and latex rubber mattresses, unlike those in memory foam, it is best to turn them over, following the same previously-indicated sequence.

When turning the mattress over, always check the cleanliness of the cover and, if necessary, wash it in a washing machine. The padded cover of mattresses with removable covers can be washed at 30°C, while non-padded ones can also be washed at 60°C, naturally following the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

Something else not to forget when turning over a mattress is to check the base slats. A top-quality slatted base does in fact favour a good sleep on the mattress because it permits distributing body-weight pressure more evenly, without the body undergoing any stress. For this reason, slatted bases, besides ensuring healthier sleeping, are able to prolong the life of the mattress itself.

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