Waterlily Gaia

The Waterlily Gaia is a particular type of viscoelastic memory foam, composed of water, natural raw materials such as soybeans and a mix of essential oils and herbs designed to help sleep.

Gaia is thus able to combine the immense quality of Waterlily and are:

High breathability;
the incredible comfort;
the long duration;
the extreme elasticity with the addition of raw materials from soybean and essential oils.
Waterlily Gaia: beneficial effects of essential oils

The essential oils are extracted from many varieties of medicinal plants and used in different therapies thanks to the beneficial action which are able to perform on the human organism.

Essential oils are therefore the result of that essence energy of the plant as they grow in highly concentrated form within it.

The quality of the mattress in viscoelastic memory Waterlily

The memory foam mattresses Waterlily Gaia are not only nature and well-being of the essential oils and soy, but also supports the sleep technologically advanced based on Waterlily viscoelastic memory foam.

The Waterlily Viscoelastic foam is a special memory foam, equipped with a highly breathable open cell structure that provides characteristics of the highest level, allowing maximum reliability and the best comfort of the mattress as:

Seat cushion and readily through the action of natural heat of the body;
To facilitate, to perspiration top, the removal of moisture produced by the body;
Gradually absorb and distribute in a balanced and uniform body weight;
Minimize pressure points, ensuring a high comfort in sleeping.
The Waterlily Viscoelastic is a completely new concept of comfort in bed, the foundations of which are born from the search for the real well being and are based on a formula that is both absolutely natural to other high technology.

The memory foam mattresses Waterlily Viscoelastic offer quality anatomical, ergonomic and orthopedic of great value, helping our back to maintain a proper position during sleep.

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