Marks and certificates of mattress

Below we present a list of major Brands & Certificates for tissues and systems that we use in the production of our line of mattresses. All testimony to the extremely high quality of materials and study of innovative construction techniques, aimed at providing a product of excellent quality.


Silver Safe

Special antimicrobial fabric made with a silver fiber. Is used by Mollyflex for the realization of a special line of mattresses with a strong antibacterial component....

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Taking advantage of the incredible properties of the fiber protein of soybeans, has created a healthy and comfortable fabric. Mollyflex uses the fabric in soybean for the realization of some mattresses....

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Fiber entirely natural and regenerated cellulose is from wood, the Tencel is used by Mollyflex for the production of mattresses which are characterized by the high breathability and respect for the environment....

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Problems of night sweats? With the innovative fabric Thermo +, a temperature control system of the microclimate of the bed, will give you back the peace of a long and comfortable sleep....

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X-Sistem Carbon

Thanks to carbon fiber fabric used to manufacture mattresses, Mollyflex is able to offer a high quality product that allows you to download electrostatic charges and have a deeper sleep and restful....

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