The pillow line includes a wide range of pillows with different properties to maximize the comfort and well-being during sleep: Line Moontex, suitable for neck problems to lighten the weight of the body during sleep, which declines in the lines"green" Moontex Aloe Therapy and Moontex Natur Soya; Novolattex line for soap and cervical pillows; Polygel Line made ​​with materials that are extremely breathable; Naturello Line, which uses only natural rubber latex to 100% and finally the line fireproof, ideal for hospitals and hotels.

Our pillows hold specific characteristics, studied through a continuous process of research and development, which led them to discover new technologies for production of pillows and new materials of extraordinary utility and comfort: high-tech polymershighly breathable fabricsecological and rugged. And if what you need is a pillow "travel", you will find in this section also proposed Mollyflex cylinder pillow, kneepad and back cushions, can lighten the weight of our bodies during sleep.