The pillows of the line Novolattex are made of polymers with high technology mixed with the water. This allows the internal composition of the line pillow Novolattex to be particularly dynamic, environmentally friendly, breathable and rigid, and to ensure maximum comfort and a high air exchange during rest. Within a line of pillows Novolattex there are two different models: Novolattex Saponetta and Novolattex Cervical.

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Line Novolattex includes two types of pillows:
- Novolattex Saponetta Pillow, 42 x 72 x 12 cm
- Novolattex Cervical Pillow, 42 x 72 cm x 10/8


High-tech polymers mixed with the water.


Cushions dynamic, environmentally friendly, breathable and rugged.
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