Moontex My Pillows - Blue Lavender

The pillow Azzurro Lavanda is a product for the rest composed mainly by a visco-elastic foam, which adapts to the body shapes and gives an immediate sensation of comfort and relax. Moreover, inside the pillow, a special ecological insert has been incorporated with the addition of lavender essential oils, perfect to give a further touch of perfume and well-being.


Besides diffusing a delicate perfume of fresh lavender, the pillow has inside several essential oils, which have the capacity to release during the night the different healthy properties of lavender. In fact, lavender is particularly recommended to cure sleep disorders caused by stress and irritability, thus promoting calm and relax.

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To further broaden the choice of pillows made ​​specifically to maximize comfort while sleeping Mollyflex has created an innovative line, the 'My Pillow', characterized by pillows from the typical form of a 'soap' colored, perforated or anatomical:

- Pillow Moontex Blue Lavender Soap Hollow, 42 x 72 x 12 cm
- Blue Lavender Pillow Moontex Anatomical perforated 42 x 72 x 12 cm


Memory / viscoelastic high-tech.


High comfort, extraordinary adaptability and long lasting.

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