Customer service

Mollyflex Customer Service supports the customer before, during and after the sale, especially with regard to: 

- requests for clarification on products/assistance/orders/warranty/returns/refunds;

- guide to the choice of the best product in relation to needs and/or costs;

- FREE telephone quotations;

- support to the on-line purchase process;

- clarification on payment methods and delivery times;

- collection of complaints and/or dissatisfaction. 

For assistance requests write to the email address or by going to the portal

Pay in 3 instalments.
It is as simple as that.

1 Select PayPal at the time of payment.

2 The option 'Pay in 3 instalments' will appear if available, select it.

3 You will receive quick feedback.

4 Complete your purchase.

View the due date of your instalments at any time from the PayPal app and your account.