Fabric features

Every mattress of different lines produced by Mollyflex has special characteristics of the fabric giving the mattress special qualities and dedicated to different features. Learn which specific technical offers your mattress.


The mattresses are rolled up and vacuum packed in order to make them easy to carry as their size is reduced by 90%. In addition they assure more advantages to the final users by granting greatest hygiene. 

Memory cover

It is a cover to which a memory foam layer has been woven. It eliminates the uncomfortable pressure points on the vertebral column and muscles by facilitating blood circulation, due to its high density and  cells which conform to different body shapes.


Air-system is a new three-dimensional fabric made up of different layers of fabric which create an inner empty space allowing the air to freely circulate. It is a breathable cover placed on the mattress which maintains the mattress cooler and drier thanks to the continuous air flow which facilitates the recirculation, thus preventing the formation of mould and bacteria.


The anti-mite action inhibits the passage of mite allergens and protects the mattress from the formation of mould and fungus thanks to its permanent anti-bacterial treatment. The tightly-woven fabric  consists of a high number of woven microfibers which stop 99.87% of the mite allergens.


The antibacterial cover contains silver ions which act as bacteriostatic agents, namely they inhibit the critical functions of the microorganisms necessary to generate the cells for reproducing bacteria. This fabric is designed to prevent or treat allergy problems; it is made of silver ions which make the cover completely anti-bacterial.

Cotton Polyester

The fabric is made of non-allergenic polyester fibres which are Oeko-Tex certified and woven with cotton fibres.

Non-allergenic polyester fibre

It is a special thermo-bonded fibre with non-allergenic properties, highly breathable and resilient. It is strong, long-lasting and washable in water at 30°C.

Washable at 30°

The cover is machine washable at 30° C.

Washable at 60°

The cover is machine washable at 60° C.

Washable at 95°

The cover is washable in a washing machine at  95°C  to obtain perfect cleaning.


The cover may be removed in order to be washed in the washing machine or dry-cleaned according to the stated care instructions. It is recommended to wash the cover at least twice a year in order to reduce the formation of mites.

Can be checked

It is possible to look at the composition of the inner layer by means of a small zip.

More information about the characteristics of the fabrics?

If you would like more information on the characteristics of the tissues of mattresses, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.