The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are a convenient and effective way to find the perfect answer to your questions. Here, in fact, you'll find the main questions regarding the mattresses, pillows and accessories to sleep in Mollyflex brand.

Does a technology exist for keeping the mattress cool in summer too?

Yes, a technology does exist which keeps the mattress cool even during the hottest summer days. What we are talking about is the special Cooler fabric, which can be applied to pillow cases and mattress covers, and which is able to absorb body heat, ensuring the ideal temperature for resting, and pro...

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How can the Magnetic Mat help you sleep better?

Experimental observations have confirmed that during sleep the position in which the head points north enhances the production of neuromediators (better transmission of nerve impulses). The north pole has a sedative effect, which explains why the head, which is the part of the body where most tensi...

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Are there any contra-indications or precautions to take when using the Magnetic Mat?

There are no contra-indications to the use of Magnetic Mat in association with other instrumental,  manual or pharmacological treatments. Magnetic Mat should not be used by pregnant women or pacemaker wearers. ...

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What diseases and disorders can be treated with the Magnetic Mat?

Pain can sometimes disappear as early as the first week of treatment. In other cases, such as chronic disease, the first results are noted after two or three weeks of treatment. Numerous diseases and disorders can be treated with good results: Rheumatism Headache Migraine Damage to the nervou...

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What are the benefits of using the Magnetic Mat?

Magnetic therapy is used as an aid in treating the inflammation and pain of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. By stimulating blood flow, it increases oxygen supply to the tissues and strengthens the overall immune system. The Magnetic Mat offers numerous advantages if used correctly every day.  It...

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