The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are a convenient and effective way to find the perfect answer to your questions. Here, in fact, you'll find the main questions regarding the mattresses, pillows and accessories to sleep in Mollyflex brand.

How can I clean and maintain over time a goose down for mattress?

The maintenance for a goose down is very simple: You do not need frequent washing. You have to, however, shake its head and expose it to air; We recommend a light brushing. Don’t slam in order not to ruin the fabric and not to break the down and feathers; It is good to entrust the cleaning to a...

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How useful is it to sleep on a mattress with a removable cover?

A removable cover can be washed frequently, which allows a better standard of hygiene. All mattresses are protected by a cover to preserve their quality over time. Only the best mattresses have removable covers, which keeps the mattress in excellent condition, refreshes the bed and renews the pleasa...

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What is the best kind of non-allergenic, anti-mite mattress?

By far the best mattress for anyone suffering from allergies or mites is one made entirely of latex foam. Latex, being made up of millions of tiny air bubbles, allows natural transpiration, which prevents the development and spread of bacteria and other microorganisms. There are other cheaper produ...

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What does non-allergenic mean exactly?

Non-allergenic mattresses and pillows are made of materials that do not create an allergy, so they do not contain wool or other natural materials. For added protection from dust mites, the cover must undergo a special anti-mite process, such as Microcare or Sleep-dry. ...

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Does the mattress affect the quality of sleep and how I feel the next day?

Sleep is vital for both body and mind. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a good night’s sleep: excellent immune defences a prompt memory vigour and tranquillity physical and mental alertness From a mental point of view, sleep is essential for reorganising our cognitive and emotion...

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