The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are a convenient and effective way to find the perfect answer to your questions. Here, in fact, you'll find the main questions regarding the mattresses, pillows and accessories to sleep in Mollyflex brand.

It hurts to sleep with their four-legged friends?

Sleeping with the dog or the cat in the same bed is a habit increasingly widespread, it was found that about half of pet owners consider it as a family member for all purposes but it is good or bad to share a bed with our trusty friend? Conflicting opinions on the matter, according to some, in fact,...

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What is melamine paper and what is it?

The melamine paper is not only an aesthetic product used in the production of bed systems, because it can be created with different colors, but has important features for the duration of the slats. The latter is a particular paper that has been impregnated with a special resin which is obtained by p...

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How is the polyurethane used for mattresses produced?

Polyurethane is obtained from plastic and is produced in blocks in a continuous cycle. It was invented in 1935 by Otto Bayer and has very often been used for manufacturing seatbacks and pillows and is now increasingly also used for making mattresses. Expanded polyurethane ...

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What the mushroom-shaped shock absorbers are?

It is an innovative system with independent suspension mounted onto the Mollyflex bed frames for mattresses, which enable movements in 3 directions supporting the body shape and therefore maintaining a correct spine alignment. In fact, human vertebral column consists of a complex system of discs and...

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How to create an ideal microclimate in bed?

Through a special fabric of the mattress that allows treatment to achieve optimum microclimate in bed while sleeping. All this is possible thanks to "Termotech", an innovative temperature control system of micro sleep where millions of microspheres absorb or release body heat, as needed, eliminating...

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