Automatic network bed

In order to provide professional support for the treatment of sleep of the person, Mollyflex has designed a special line of automatic networks beds of great technological value.

Rete letto motorizzata
Rete letto motorizzata
Rete letto motorizzata
Rete letto motorizzata

These special networks bed made in Italy, production with laminated beech natural structure of the section of 70x25mm and 50x25mm for the outer frame to the inner frame, finished with wax treatment.These special bed nets are ideal to get the most benefit from your orthopedic mattress, giving you the ability to modulate the movement of the bed net positions in the nerve centers of the body. Through a special drive mechanism can be raised without distinction the upper bust, raising the area under the back and shoulders of the network and supporting development of innovative dampers fungus. At the same time it is possible to raise the leg area, with a complex movement which, at the knee performs a horizontal fold that allows the leg to form an angle able to promote blood circulation.

All movements of the  electrical network for bed are possible thanks to the application of a suitable electric motor that, governed by a remote control, can move in an independent way the different sections of the mattress to obtain a custom location that would give an immediate benefit to the person and promote the ergonomic function of the mattress. The range of automatic network bed by Mollyflex is varied and complex and differs for the particular types of accessories with which they are equipped and finished networks bed, such as the special suspensions rubber with which the strips are installed, which in once are covered with melamine paper to facilitate the effectiveness and the duration in time. Furthermore in some important areas of the Automatic network bed double strips are inserted for adjustment of the weight in the pelvis area, highlighted by red sliders which allow to differentiate the areas.

All automatic network bed can be used both in the medical-hospital but also for home care of patients. It is also not only a tool orthopedic, but a new way of conceiving the system read that thanks to the automatic networks can bring significant benefits.

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