Slatted bed base

Using a slatted bed base can optimize the performance of an orthopedic mattress.

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Mollyflex has designed and developed several solutions using the technique of double-storey wooden slats in classic nets bed, in double bed networks, in bunk bed and also in innovative motorized networks. Mollyflex uses special staves in beech wood, plywood consisting allocated into the slots formed in the support frame. The slats, in the standard version, have a size of 68 mm, but can have variable width in customized versions and more advanced versions, such as the slatted motorized slats are used where more narrow (38 mm). Some types of slatted frames using a double layer of slats modulated in some important areas of the network to do so to increase the strength and support for the weight of the body at the regions that are most stressed.

The use of the staves of wood in networks bed has a function orthopedic: it is the more performant solution to provide a uniform and constant support to the mattress. In this way, it will be possible to have a restful and healthy sleep, maintaining at full capacity the peculiar characteristics of the mattress, giving a constant support over the entire surface in such a way that the spine is kept in correct position during the night. In double beds, the staves are separated so as to minimize the differences due to differences in weight and alleviate the disturbance to the partner derived from nocturnal movements.The italian factory Mollyflex produces customer networks where you can also set yourself type and size of wooden slats in relation to the dimensions of width and length of the network bed and the accessories to assist in the proper redistribution of the pressure body on the mattress. For more information on the production of staves, send us your request and we will provide you with a personal consultation.

Reti a doghe

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