Memory foam mattresses

The memory foam mattresses produced by Mollyflex allow the perfect adaptation of the body to the mattress regardless of the form and size of the person.

Materassi in memory foam

Due to the composition of the foam, the mattress are particularly suitable for those who have blood circulation problems and back pain. The foam is activated by body heat and allows you to change the shape of the mattress according to our needs. The ergonomics is the predominant feature of these special types of mattresses; a feature that allows the mattress to mold to perfection on the morphological structure of the human body, controlling properly the posture of the spine and allowing the maximum support during the hours of sleep. The innovative padding of memory foam mattresses make them suitable in any season of the year, both in winter and in summer. The particular composition of the foam allows to maintain the body temperature. The removable fabrics and the anti-perspiration fibers contribute to creating a memory foam mattress among the best performing on the market.

All these characteristics also allow to have a mattress perfectly sanitized, where hygiene is ensured by the special patented antibacterial fibers that prevent the formations of mites and other bacteria which favor the creation of allergies. Also the breathability is very importat point: the memory foam mattresses ensure the circolation of air inside the fibers. In this way, it’s possible you an keep the mattress sanitized, providing exceptional grip in terms of allergens and other diseases.

For this reason, the innovative memory foam mattress is ideal for maximum comfort of sleep, ensuring a peaceful rest as well as an ideal refreshment for mind and body. The complete line of memory foam mattresses by the Italian farm Mollyflex offers also wonderful pillows, ideals to completing the benefits of the skull.

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