Mattresses in latex

The mattresses in latex produced by Mollyflex are part of a special line called "Naturello mattresses", created on the basis of top-quality raw materials.

Materassi in lattice

In fact, all the mattresses are produced with 100% latex foam, extracted from the rubber of natural latex of the natural rubber plant. The properties of these mattresses latex, then, are many and affect mainly the anatomical and orthopedic areas. In fact, the particular composition of the mattress latex allows the body to maintain a correct posture of the spine during the night, thus finding immediate benefit for the body which is wrapped by the latex foam, adapting to the shape of the body. This mode ensures proper sustenance of the back, thus playing an orthopedic function able to maintain the well-being of the spine, neck and shoulders during sleep.

The main feature of latex mattresses is given by the allergenic factor. In fact, the anti-mite and anti-allergenic latex used by Mollyflex for the manufacture of its products can produce ideal mattresses to guarantee a healthy and restful sleep. The latex is a totally non-allergenic material, in the sense that it does not retain dust which naturally is created, thereby preventing any type of bacterial formation. Another outstanding feature of these products is the breathability. In fact, latex mattresses are able to disperse up to 99% moisture accumulated during sleep (see mattress Naturello Classic) guaranteeing a feeling of freshness and clean, which certainly will encourage the night well-being and relaxing perception.

So, depending on the different models produced by Mollyflex, you can find your mattress in latex completed and covered with other special hypoallergenic, antibacterial and breathable fabric, they will not affect in any way on the mechanical properties of the mattress in latex, which will remain at the same density for a very long period of time. This mattress is, therefore, recommended to all those who wish to obtain a benefit both immediate and long term from their sleep, combining orthopedic antibacterial properties of a mattress that will accompany you throughout your life.

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