Cervical pillow

With the new cervical pillow designed and manufactured by the Italian company Mollyflex can have an immediate well-being to relieve your neck pain.

The particular shape of cervical pillow is designed to maximize the harmony of the body in a delicate part of the body - the neck - where it is necessary to take extra care to prevent problems in the joints and muscles. The cervical pillows have the function of keeping in the correct position the muscles of the neck during the night, so that the position of the spine is perfectly aligned. This needs to happen is that the person will sleep in the supine position (on your back), but also from the side, without compromising the relationship of support that the pillow must provide the body at rest. Mollyflex, for this reason, has created a specific line of cervical pillows supplied with a line of mattresses preselected.


All cervical pillows by Mollyflex have the typical shape of cervical pillow, with the shaping of the head that supports the upper body and maintains the position of the spine in axis during sleep. These cervical pillows are distinguished by the different types of material with which they are created: latex, polyurethane foam, lattex and memory / viscoelastic material and the the most innovative materials of natural fibers (Soya and Aloe) that amplify the benefits obtained by the structure of cervical pillow with their antibacterial and relaxing.

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