Memory foam pillow

For a healthy and restful sleep Mollyflex has devised a solution of essential complement to match the mattress.

Memory foam (cervical varsion)

They are the new memory foam pillows or special cushions designed and engineered from the factory in Brescia mattresses to guarantee our customers a perfect linearity of the spine during sleep. The special feature of memory foam pillows is given by innovative material composition of the pillow. The memory foam of the pillow is activated in contact with the body: it is the body temperature to activate the fibers of memory foam to make sure to take the shape of the skull and to facilitate the posture of the neck in the bearing part on the pillow. It is therefore an important thing to ensure the welfare of the person, since the memory foam pillow is the best solution for those who suffer from neck problems or blood circulation.


Mollyflex has created a wide range of memory foam pillows, differentiated form that can be traditional, soap or neck, and the complex composition of materials and colors. For example, the memory foam of the new line "Moontex My Pillow" may be necessary for resolution of orthopedic physical problems. All without forgetting the health aspect.


The memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic and antibacterial and they are ideal for those suffering from allergy problems with mites and dust. Finally, the memory foam pillows is definitely the resistance. These pillows can last for decades without losing the structural properties that characterize the quality. A great investment for the long term health of your sleep.

New line memory foam pillows

Thermal and anatomicalmMemory foam pillow  (gray)
Thermal memory foam pillow in form soap (blue)
Thermal memory foam pillow in form soap (yellow)
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