Lift chair

Are you interested in buying a relax chair? Trust in the experience and quality products of Mollyflex, an Italian company that manufactures 100% Made in Italy mattresses and rest accessories. You can find many models to choose from, from the lift chair, to the armchair with the option of adding Vibro kit, to comfortably relax in your living room. High quality materials and professionality are the two key features for the company, always close to the needs of customers with numerous relaxation products. Below you will find all the features of the lift chair with lift-person system, the most popular chair among those with mobility difficulties.

Poltrona con Lift alzapersona

The lift-person movement is only possible in the electric lift chair. In fact, it is only thanks to the presence of an engine connected to a lifting arm mechanism that the Lift movement can be carried out, the movement that supports people during lifting and during the seat and allows to reach the upright position. The mechanism is driven by a practical, functional and easy to use remote control, even for the elderly who often find it difficult to approach the new technologies.

The lift chair for those with mobility problems is a great solution dedicated to the elderly and not only. In fact, it was designed for those people who sit in the armchair or want to get up, and have to do with a much lower area of their center of gravity. The armchair with Lift-person system:

  • It avoids the efforts of spinal muscles and leg muscles
  • It joins the lift and the sitting of the people, with a movement called Lift


The person is so independent and does not need support for a daily gesture to get up and sit on an armchair. Among the various models proposed by Mollyflex, one of the most popular with this feature is the Comfort Chair.

Do you want to receive a quote or information about the lift chair? Send us a request by filling out the form in the Contacts section. We are available to answer any request!

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