Online mattress sale

Mollyflex wants to offer a service that will make the lives of its customers as easy as possible. In this regard, it has implemented its commercial offer by offering the online mattresses sale, which will give you the chance to receive one of the best sleep products in your home just in a few simple click.

Mattress models for sale online in Italy

Vendita materassi online

Mollyflex offers a wide range of online selling mattresses in Italy, with different features and designed for different commercial or domestic sectors. Each of the items in question is produced according to the highest quality standards, which have allowed the company to obtain many production's certifications. Among the products on its online shop, you will find the following models:

  • Mattresses Polilattex® Poliuretani Premium line
  • Mattresses Polilattex® Poliuretani HT line
  • Mattresses Baby line
  • Mattresses Hotel line
  • Mattresses Aromatex – Aromatherapy line
  • Mattresses luxury line Moonpur
  • Mattresses Moontex line
  • Mattresses Health Sector line

If you are abroad, furthermore, you can also ask for a free selling and delivery quote by contacting the company by e-mail or by the phone number listed at the bottom of each page.

Knowing the various issues that web purchase might involve, the company can offer an excellent online sales mattress service. In order to achieve this, Mollyflex is able to offer mattress rendering services and provide different payment methods for purchasing mattresses on web, such these:

  • Buy mattresses online with pay card
  • Buy mattresses online with PayPal
  • Buy mattresses online with counterfoil
  • Buy mattresses online with bank transfer

If you still have some concerns about purchasing methods and guaranteed services in this e-commerce, you can ask for more information on selling mattresses on the web through the form in the contact section.

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