Sale of high quality mattresses

Are you looking for the perfect mattress to sleep peacefully? Choose the mattresses of Mollyflex, an Italian company that for over thirty years deals with making and selling high quality mattresses.

Why choose Mollyflex

Mollyflex è un’azienda che si occupa della produzione e della vendita di materassi di alta qualità e di accessori per il riposo, come guanciali, reti letto o piumini, per adulti e bambini. L’obiettivo di Mollyflex è quello di realizzare materassi che migliorino la qualità del riposo dei propri clienti e che siano anche sani, che garantiscano il giusto supporto al fisico e che permettano di mantenere la giusta postura mentre si dorme.

The choice of the mattress must be made by assessing its physical characteristics, needs and also any health problems, such as cervical or back problems. With Mollyflex you can choose from a wide selection of mattresses including:

  • the Quilted Memo Deluxe mattress, made with yarn in silver fiber combined with textile fiber, anti-mite and antimicrobial, absorbs heat thanks to thermotech technology 
  • the Bamboo merinos mattress, breathable and thermoregolable, which keeps the body temperature, avoiding thermal changes, made of natural bamboo fiber
  • the Mollyflex Roma Gold, for comfort and freshness throughout the body, breathable and completely removable
  • the Baby Plus mattress, designed for the specific needs of children, is totally hypoallergenic, disperses moisture, prevents the proliferation of dust mites and is made with the best technologies. 

Mollyflex, therefore, for every need and requirement, offers mattresses able to adapt to the body, ensuring comfort and well-being.

Where to buy Mollyflex mattresses

Thanks to the experience gained in the many years of activity in the production of the best high quality mattresses made in Italy, it is possible to find Mollyflex both on the national territory and on the international territory. In fact, the points of sale belonging to the franchising network are spread all over the world. In addition to the shops, Mollyflex mattresses can also be purchased from the site, thanks to the online shop efficiency.

More information

For more information on the sale of high quality mattresses, fill out the form you find in the contact section of the site and make all your requests to Mollyfelx!

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