Naturello® Foam Latex Line

NATURELLO® is the line of mattresses made ​​of latex foam 100%. For its production uses the natural rubber latex extracted from the plant "Heveabrasiliensis", or the sole of rubber. NATURELLO ® is an anatomic mattress and has orthopedic functions. His performances are high level, it is able to perfectly combine functionality and durability performance.

The differentiated areas allow to have an optimal position of the spine thanks to the exceptional support of the lumbar region. The coating is washable in water at 30 °C is divisible into two parts, thanks to the hinge on the 4 sides releasable. The NATURELLO® line includes the mattress Naturello Plus, orthopedic mattress indifferent areas ideal for those suffering from diseases affecting the back andbronchi, the Naturello Air Classic, which disperses 99% moisture accumulatedduring sleep, and Naturello Classic that guarantees a perfect night's sleep thanks to its special orthopedic-dynamics.