Polilattex® Polyurethane HT Line

POLILATTEX® is a new line, created with the latest technologies strictly following the rules, more stringent, that the market gives producers in order to protect consumers. POLILATTEX ® is a line of products for healthy sleepsuitable for all requirements and conditions. Only selected materials of the latest generation are used to build with artisan care products excellent and long-lasting.

Another important feature is the possibility for these mattresses to be rolled, and so easier to transport due to their vacuum packing. To open it simply remove the bag containing it, that will inflate in minutes, and become perfect in less than 24 hours, to allow yourself to relax. The mattresses POLILATTEX ®, also, are able to fully release the humidity accumulated during sleep, always keeping dry and breathable.

Some examples? The mattress Novolattex Classic, which guarantees a healthy sleep and a good posture during sleep, the Polilattex Aloe and Merino, complete with a hand in a pile in pure merino wool and a second side thermoregulating fabric treated with Aloe Vera, or the Polilattex Plus, ecological and resistant, long lasting.