Moontex® Memory Form Line

Moontex®, a“night time” brand, derives its name, of course, from the moon. So called because the moon is there while we sleep and has a constant effect on our body and mind.

Moontex® is high-tech memory/visco-elastic:

  • It has special characteristics to give you an amazing night’s sleep.
  • It moulds perfectly to the contours of the body providing ultimate comfort and a good night’s rest.

Revolutionary technology used in this product allows for a redistribution of body weight, reducing the body pressure on the mattress by 50%. The benefits? Better blood circulation, better breathing of our body, perfect alignment with the vertebral column in any position whatever. Incredible long life of both product and performance.

Some examples? Try the mattress Viscofoam Fresh, which sends the body afeeling of support, comfort and freshness, or the Moontex Aloe Therapy and Moontex Natur Soya, ideal for a relaxing break everything "green" benefits of using plant fibers, or, why not, the Phisyotech Plus, which with its lower part shaped allows a significant air exchange. Discover the full line of Moontex Comfortstyle Materassi and enter yourself in the oasis of rest!