American sizes line

Mollyflex produces mattresses made specifically for the American market. Every models of this line of mattresses have common characteristics in the structure that consists of:

  • Boxspring, base made of wood and covered with the same fabric of the mattress and in the same size of the mattress.
  • Mattress, of different sizes depending on the model, which can be costumised both in the inner panel and in the lining and  external details.
  • Pillow Top, top of the mattress designed to add comfort and softness.

Besides being thicker than the other models proposed by Mollyflex, the American Size mattresses of the Moonpour Line have a height ranging from 26 to 33 cm, depending on the model. All the mattresses for the American market can be customized with inner panel in Polyurethane, Memory Foam, or spring structure. Also the lining of the mattress can be chosen among the different fabricss available according to the needs of each customer, as well as the graphic details and functional, for the external part of the mattress.

Among the main models we find: California King Size, Full Size, Full XL Size, King Size, Split King Size, Queen, Twin and Twin XL Size Size. All the measures of the American Style line are made with the mattresses of the Moonpour Line