Pillow Top Wellness

Give yourself a regenerating and peaceful rest with the Pillow Top Wellness mattress, a top-quality made in Italy bedding product which takes its cue from American mattresses.Thanks to its three layers, which all work together, and to highly-innovative materials, the Pillow Top Wellness mattress provides perfectly adequate support to all parts of the body, ensuring ergonomic support and the very best in terms of comfort. Such


comfort is also provided by the soft lining in Stretch Wellness fabric padded with a layer of Polygel, a cool foam conceived to always keep the body temperature constant, including when outside temperatures are high. What is more, the silver fibre in the lining makes the Pillow Top Wellness mattress ideal for restful sleep (anti-bacterial and anti-mite).

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  • Non deformable
  • Air System
  • Non removable cover
  • Moisture dispersion
  • Anti-decubitus
  • Shape memory
  • Anti dust mite
  • Orthopedic
  • No CFC


33/34 Cm


Fabric Stretch Wellness

Padding Polygel

Canvas cotton


3D fabric

Hypoallergenic polyester


Polilattex high comfort

Memory foam

Polilattex Hd

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