30 October 2013

Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep on a merino wool mattress by Mollyflex.

Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep on a merino wool mattress by Mollyflex.

The properties of wool, especially merino wool, are far from out of fashion nowadays. And many of them are highly beneficial as we sleep.

You may not know that merino wool is one of the most highly valued types of wool. This is because merino sheep grow wool that can adapt to extreme conditions, ranging from hot and humid to very cold.

It is safe to say that a mattress with a merino wool cover offers a series of advantages that contribute to our wellbeing at night. 

  •  Merino wool is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture efficiently and then releases it into the atmosphere.  So the mattress has a high absorption power.
  •  Our mattress has excellent isothermal properties thanks to the merino wool, which means it adapts to the body’s natural temperature, without overheating and maintaining the natural thermal conditions.
  • Merino wool mattresses by Mollyflex have anti-parasitic properties. They prevent excessive moisture, overheating, and the formation and proliferation of mites and bacteria. The very structure of the wool prevents dirt and dust from depositing on it.



If you wish to know more about our merino wool mattresses, please log on to the Mollyflex website.

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