American mattress line

03 February 2017

In its American mattress line, Mollyflex presents three different models to best cater to different needs.

The variables which affect the perception of comfort tend to differ – for example, the shape and thickness of the springs, the number of springs and of course the mattress filling. Starting with these variables, the Mollyflex experts have managed to come up with perfect solutions.

The Pillow top cotton mattress features a system of independent springs, encased individually in bags. This way, the spring reacts without transmitting movement to the other springs and manages to adapt in the best possible way to different individual builds, thereby achieving very high standards of comfort.

The Pillow top flora mattress features bonnel springs with an hour-glass shape linked together by a spiral wire to provide strong and firm support.

Finally, the Pillow top wellness mattress features a combination of polyurethanes which work together to create perfectly adequate support in every part of the body.

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