Bed pillows

Bed pillows designed to always ensure the best possible rest

Mollyflex offers a wide range of bed pillows with different features and properties, designed to maximize comfort and well-being during sleep.

Our bed pillows have specific characteristics and are made with safe and quality materials, selected to ensure a comfortable sleep: high-tech polymers, highly breathable fabrics, environmentally friendly and non-deformable. All bed pillows ensure a perfect head and neck support and a complete relaxation of the spine. Depending on their specific characteristics and properties, they can be particularly suitable for those accustomed to sleeping on their back or side, or for those suffering from cervical pain. 

Eco pillows for a fresh and regenerating rest

The choice of pillows is crucial for the quality of rest. With Mollyflex eco pillows you can guarantee a cool, dry and regenerating rest, in any season of the year, because they are designed to allow perfect perspiration and reduce sweating during the night, dispersing the heat and excess moisture. Thanks to the use of antiallergic and certified materials, eco pillows facilitate the passage of air and help to keep away dust and bacteria: they are therefore ideal for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. You can find eco pillows made with natural and sustainable materials, with low environmental impact, such as the Air Green Relax pillow

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