Goose down duvets

Goose down duvets for a healthy, dry and comfortable rest

To sleep well it is essential to first have a healthy night transpiration and then a good body thermoregulation. Goose down duvets, especially if made with goose feathers, is incomparable in ensuring a healthy rest. In addition to being extremely light, in fact, goose feathers act as thermal insulation, giving the body the right natural heat produced by its metabolism.

These features can only be guaranteed by the high quality of the raw material, processing systems, fabrics and packaging that Mollyflex uses for the production of goose down duvets. With great attention and dedication, finding inspiration in the beauty of nature, we have created a line of single and double goose down duvets that is able to meet any need for rest, but also pillows, mattress covers and pillowcases in goose down to give you a healthy and always comfortable rest. 

The features of Mollyflex goose downs

Thanks to the use of high-quality material and padding with bows of excellent quality, Mollyflex goose downs are the expression of a superior quality, which lasts over time. Our goose downs are:

  • thermoregulating: evenly spread heat
  • hypoallergenic: prevent the life of mites
  • hygroscopic: absorbs night transpiration, releasing it during the day
  • sterilized: total absence of microorganisms.

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