High quality mattresses

High quality mattresses, designed to guarantee a healthy rest

Moonlight is a new Mollyflex line, created with the most modern technologies to offer a healthy and comfortable rest, suitable for all tastes and needs. This line contains high quality mattresses, made with selected cutting-edge materials, which are used to carefully build excellent, practical, robust and long-lasting products.

High quality mattresses of the Moonlight line provide many benefits:

  • they are able to completely release the moisture accumulated during sleep and remain always dry and breathable;
  • they provide constantly balanced spinal support;
  • they are durable;
  • they are easy to maintain;
  • they represent the right solution for all occasions and sleeping needs. 

Polyurethane foam mattresses that combine comfort and optimal support

Among the mattresses of the Moonlight line by Mollyflex you can find polyurethane foam mattresses that come from the combination of innovative technologies to ensure a comfortable rest and a perfect support of the spine. All mattresses are designed to provide a feeling of freshness and promote breathability during the night, dispersing excess moisture.

Moreover, thanks to the ability to adapt perfectly to the lines of the body, polyurethane foam mattresses are also ideal for those who have postural problems or suffer from back pain. The body weight is distributed evenly, eliminating pressure points. Discover all the available models and choose the mattress that best suits your needs!

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