Mattresses and accessories for rest to offer customers a healthy and quality rest

In Italy but also abroad hotels are increasingly realizing the importance of maintaining a high quality standard in order to meet customer needs. This need involves high attention to the bed system that now has become one of the main aspects and assessment by the client during his stay. The hotel rooms have to be constantly updated with new qualitative trend imposed by the main architects of the contract sector for hotels.

Fundamental the bed is the main part that is going to be included in their hotel rooms keeping in mind that inserting a quality product definitely potra influence in the reviews and rankings on known online booking sites.

Mollyflex has positioned itself in the Hotel industry going to propose innovative ideas, but above all practical and aesthetic. The proposed technologies are fairly new to the hotel business so going to satisfy the strict parameters imposed.

Bed bases and mattresses definitely identify the bed system, but we must not forget the accessories that will implement the comfort of the bed system such as:

- adding overlays resistant and possibly waterproof

- topper and pillow top to be applied on the mattress to make it extremely comfortable

- pillows in hypoallergenic polyester fiber compliment.

The latter items defined bedding accessories really are very important because they help to create an ideal concept of bed for the type of hotel that you will achieve.

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