Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses for absolute comfort and rest

Moontex is the Mollyflex line that contains memory foam mattresses and pocket spring mattresses, a wide assortment of models, structures and textures that wants to meet the multiplicity of tastes and needs and develops extraordinary characteristics for an excellent way to rest. In the Moontex line you can find memory foam mattresses with a high capacity to accommodate the body, designed to adapt perfectly to all its irregularities and ensure a perfect alignment of the spine, for absolute comfort and a perfect rest. 

Depending on your needs of rest you can also choose pocket spring mattresses that combine the strength of traditional mattresses to the high technology of breathable materials, as the polisoff, passing through padding with low environmental impact thanks to the use of sustainable and certified products, such as GRS recycled polyester. 

Memory foam and pocket springs mattresses with unique features

Moontex pocket spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses are made with innovative technologies and cutting-edge materials, designed to ensure a healthy, comfortable and dry rest, in any season of the year: 

The main advantages of Moontex mattresses are:

  • improved blood circulation during rest;
  • greater oxygenation of all tissues;
  • a perfect alignment of the spine, any position you assume;
  • an incredible durability, both of the product and the services provided by it;
  • an excellent quality/ price ratio.

Discover the entire Moontex mattress line by Mollyflex and enter the oasis of rest!

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