Custom mattresses

Custom mattresses for retailers and wholesalers

Are you looking for custom mattresses to offer in your business or specialist shop? Mollyflex gives you the possibility to customise mattresses according to your needs, choosing dimensions, composition and specific product features. The custom mattresses offered by Mollyflex are high quality products, made with innovative technologies and materials and designed in every detail to ensure a healthy and quality rest. 

Mollyflex custom mattresses are specifically aimed at shops, large stores and wholesalers who wish to create a line of custom-made mattresses that meet precise quality standards. Each mattress model can be made entirely to measure, both in terms of size and composition, from the choice of coating to the internal structure. The entire product development can then be customised according to customer demand.

Private label mattresses and custom-designed sleep products

Mollyflex is able to produce Private Label mattresses for customers who wish to completely customise their products, also creating custom packaging. Private label mattresses can be made with customised labels and supplied with packaging and posters inside the package, with specific graphics requested by customers. 

These characteristics, in addition to the absolute quality of the products on offer, make Mollyflex a benchmark in the private label mattress sector. Mollyflex also offers comprehensive customer service at every stage of implementation, from design to sales and product display. In addition to mattresses, sleep accessories are also available, such as pillowsbed bases, bed base covers and mattress protectors. 

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