Mattresses for multi-brand specialty stores

Mattresses for specialised multi-brand shops: complete and tailor-made lines to improve sleep

Mollyflex specialises in the production of mattresses and high quality Made in Italy sleep articles and, thanks to its long experience in the sector, is also able to supply complete lines of mattresses for specialised multi-brand shops. The mattresses offered by Mollyflex can be customised according to specific customer requirements and are delivered quickly. In order to meet the needs of retailers, Mollyflex offers support and advice for the creation of dedicated sales corners and for the study of product presentation, with the aim of enhancing the display and sales outlets. The company also ensures fast delivery and immediate stock availability for standard sizes. 

Not only mattresses for specialist shops: sleep accessories, pillows and custom beds

In addition to mattresses, Mollyflex also offers a complete line of sleep accessories, such as pillowsbed bases, pillows, mattress protectors, bed base covers, duvets and everything else for a healthy and comfortable rest. In addition, beds and practical, functional storage beds are available, ideal for optimising the space available and for storing linen, blankets and various objects. All items on offer are made from carefully selected materials to ensure a pleasant feeling of well-being and improve the quality of rest. 

Mollyflex beds can be customised as desired by choosing fabrics, colours and type of frame (storage or bed frame).

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