Sleep products suitable for the contract sector

Through its long experience in the reference sector, Mollyflex is able to offer a range of relax products designed for the contract sector, intended for hotels, hospitals, care homes, holiday resorts and communities.

Which products are recommended for the contract sector?

In order to meet the needs of different customers, Mollyflex can offer a large number of sleep products suitable for the contract sector.

From the ones in the catalogue, for example, you can choose those listed below:

  • Hotel line
  • Healthcare line

In particular, Phisyomed and Sanitex fireproof mattresses for the healthcare sector are designed specifically for hospitals and accommodation facilities, as these need safe and comfortable products that not only provide excellent rest for the facility's guests, but also guarantee them unparalleled safety.

What are the advantages of Mollyflex products for the contract sector?

For those working in the industry, one of the most important aspects is certainly obtaining a complete package of items from the supplier. Precisely for this reason, Mollyflex offers a wide range of relax products suitable for the contract sector, which, moreover, can guarantee a number of advantages for users. If, for example, you decide to buy one of the mattresses from the Mollyflex health line, you will benefit from the following aspects:

  • Fire retardant approval by the Ministry of the Interior
  • Certification according to prevention regulations
  • Made of polyurethane and formed from high-tech polymers combined with water
  • No CFCs
  • Indeformable
  • Breathable

More information on mattresses and accessories for the contract sector?

If you would like more information on mattresses in the contract sector, please go to the contact section: here you will find a form that will enable you to get a comprehensive answer to all your questions in the shortest possible time.

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