Become an official Mollyflex retailer

With stores in 22 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa, Mollyflex is an Italian brand of mattresses and sleep accessories loved by thousands of people worldwide. Join our network of official retailers: a new growth opportunity for your business!

Private Label

Private LAbel

We customize our products
according to your needs.

Partner affidabile

Reliable Partner

Fast delivery times, easy to transport mattresses,
pre-and after-sales service.

Qualità 100% made in Italy

100% made in Italy quality

The prestige and safety of a product
made from certified environmentally friendly materials
and fine craftsmanship.

Your benefits

Becoming a Mollyflex retailer means offering your customers a line of superior quality mattresses and sleep accessories, backed by a 7-year warranty and all the necessary certifications ensuring safety and comfort. With our Private Label mattress production service, we can create custom models or entire product lines tailored to your specific needs, from material selection to labelling, packaging, and even the preparation of posters and graphics for your in-store sales corner.

Join our retail network! 

If you own a multi-brand store and want to expand your product range, open a Mollyflex corner in your store and let your customers discover the comfort of our mattresses at first hand! You can rely on our consultants to choose the most popular models and design the product display effectively.

Contact us by filling out the form on the side to request more information on becoming a retailer or opening a Mollyflex store.