MOLLYFLEX mattresses are made of latest-generation ecological materials, environmentally friendly and designed for a circular economy. The products used are high density like those in use in the hospital sector.

To make the mattresses orthopaedic-anatomical, HT (High Tech), polyurethane materials are used which have the extraordinary ability to return to their original shape and are highly breathable and/or feature pocket springs to ensure independent movements.

Certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standard, with a UNI EN ISO 13485/2016 system approach for the design, manufacture, sale, franchising and marketing of mattresses, pillows, beds, bedsteads, bed bases, blankets, motorized and non-motorized armchairs, fabric and rubber pillowcases, accessories and sleep articles, indicates that our organisation manages all activities for the benefit of customers according to precise rules.

All this with the precise aim of always providing products and services:

• in line with intended use, with what is required by the market and in tune with the state of the art;

• with a level of technical and technological characteristics in line with what the customer/buyer wants and imposed by applicable legislation and regulations;

• to support the distribution chain (distributor, shops, end customer);

• able to always achieve and pursue customer satisfaction.


Warranty means restoring the mattress’s conformity as regards defects that may occur over the 7-year period following product delivery. The Warranty is valid only if the product is in perfect hygienic condition.


The Warranty contact is the dealer from whom the purchase was made. This same dealer will, in agreement with Mollyflex, ascertain any defects which have come to light. Once repaired, the warranty continues until the end of the 7-year period. In this respect, reference will therefore be made to the initial purchase date and not the conformity restoration date. The replaced mattress or its component will become the property of Mollyflex, which, after determining the cause of the defect, will dispose of it according to applicable regulations.

The mattress is covered by a 2-year warranty for the cover and a 7-year warranty for the core. All according to applicable and relevant legislation.

Should a defect be ascertained, the product may be restored to conformity in its entirety or in one of its components when it consists of separate elements (inner core and removable cover), according to the following scheme:

  • up to 2 years after the date of purchase, repair to conformity at 100% of the value;
  • 2-7 years after the date of purchase, repair to conformity at 50% of the value;
  • the Warranty is valid only if the product is in perfect hygienic condition.


The warranty will be deemed valid upon presentation of the invoice, tax receipt or sales receipt clearly showing the date of purchase.

The mattress can be packed flat or pressed and rolled.

In case of purchase of the mattress with pressed and rolled packaging proceed in this way:

  • cut the packaging with scissors with rounded tip taking great care not to cut and/or puncture the fabric;
  • once the mattress has been separated from the packaging, first of all, do not leave the packaging within the reach of children and wait 12 hours for the product to return to its original shape;
  • dimension tolerance: width +/- 2cm.; length +/-2cm; height +/-1cm or 10% (whichever is smaller).

The product is subject to normal deterioration over time. In order to avoid speeding up this process, the following precautions must be taken:

  • the mattress must be placed on a bed base with beech wood slats with a maximum width of 68 mm or on plates or else on hybrid bed bases (slats + plates);
  • the bed base must have the number of slats ≥ 13;
  • the central beam of the slatted base must not curve downwards. if it does, the base must be replaced immediately;
  • do not use wire mesh bases.

If the mattress, placed on the correct base, turns out to have a significantly different weight-bearing capacity, this is due both to the temperature in the showroom and to the periods of seasonal transition, above all, from cold to heat.

The warranty is invalidated in the following cases:

  • if the mattress is in unsuitable hygienic conditions, in particular if organic liquids are present (protection of workers’ health / avoiding contamination of the production lines involved in the repair);
  • when the mattress has been placed for more than 30 days on unsuitable bases;
  • when the defect stems from lack of maintenance, improper use, or damage, including accidental, caused by the user;
  • damage caused by transport or handling not mentioned at the time of delivery;
  • formation of mould after 3 months of use (after this period this phenomenon becomes manifest due to the external environment);
  • in case of purely subjective performance and/or characteristics which can be determined at the time of purchase.

The Quality Management Systems UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 and UNI EN ISO 13485/2016 require the company to respect the characteristics regarding the materials and the production processes.



  • to best protect the product, use the mollyflex mattress cover;
  • air the product every 3 months, keeping it raised off the base for 6 hours.
  • rotate the mattress (head to foot) every 3 months;
  • wash the cover, in case of a mattress with removable cover, according to the indications on the labels;
  • use 100% cotton sheets.


  • do not expose the mattress to sunlight;
  • do not use the mattress in environments with humidity below 65%;
  • do not use electric blankets featuring heating elements;
  • do not pull on the handles. these are only to be used to position the mattress on the base and not to lift and/or carry it;
  • do not pour liquids on the mattress;
  • do not jump on the mattress;
  • for specific instructions refer to the maintenance booklet or the label sewn to the mattress;
  • all unauthorised uses are prohibited.


Pilling is the formation of fluff balls on the surface. This phenomenon is caused by polyester bed linen or clothing which creates electrostatic energy as a result of friction. The yarns bind together and form small fluff agglomerates

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