Custom mattresses

Custom mattresses for retailers and wholesalers 

Are you looking for custom mattresses to offer in your business or specialised store? Mollyflex gives you the possibility to customise mattresses according to your needs, by choosing sizes, composition and specific product features. Our Private Label mattresses are high quality products, made with innovative technologies and materials and designed in every detail to ensure healthy and quality sleep. 

We offer Mollyflex custom mattresses to shops, large stores and wholesalers that wish to create a line of custom-made mattresses with precise quality standards. Each mattress model can be fully customised, both in terms of size and composition, cover and internal structure. The entire product development can be customised according to the customer’s demand.

Private label mattresses and custom-designed sleep products

We produce Private Label mattresses for customers who wish to fully customize their products, from labels to packaging, including the creation of tailored packaging with custom graphics. These services, along with the exceptional quality of our products, make Mollyflex a benchmark in the Private Label mattress industry. We also offer customer service at every stage of the project, from product definition to sales, all the way to product display.

In addition to matresses, we also offer sleep accessories, such as pillows, bed bases, and toppers, under our Private Label program.

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