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Highest quality

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Over 30 points of sale

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Dream technology for natural rest

Made of intelligent, high-performance materials, designed to improve your sleep and relaxation.

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We turn creativity into design

So that sleeping is not just a natural need, but the satisfaction of immersing oneself in an ambience with a well-kept, precious and personal atmosphere.

How we make them How we make them

Polyurethane foam and viscoelastic, latex foam, anti-decubitus, orthopaedic, ergonomic.

Mollyflex products are the result of constant and careful research and each model is made to alleviate a precise problem or identify a preference of personal taste: during the design phase, fabrics, filling and components, always rigorously made in Italy, are evaluated for their technical, thermal and eco-sustainable qualities and for their ability to give rise to support combinations that offer real relief from the most common discomforts.

Research and Development Research and Development

Mollyflex aims to improve and make production processes more efficient; recently, we have introduced new management software to link all machines for better production planning and handhelds to speed up the movement of goods from the warehouse.

Special attention is also paid to environmental sustainability, which is expressed in the constant search for environmentally friendly materials, such as GRS-certified upholstery and filling fabrics, and the upcoming photovoltaic installation project.

Production Production

Cutting-edge technology and know-how enable us to produce mattresses and accessories of the highest quality for every type of customer.

We are present in the large scale retail trade with commercial products, in healthcare shops with specific products, in furniture shops with high quality articles, in the hospitality industry with a dedicated contract line and with exclusive retailers outside the EU.

How we make them Research and Development Production

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