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July 2, 2024

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Goose down duvet: let us dispel some false myths

Goose down duvet: let us dispel some false myths

With the arrival of summer, the goose down duvet disappears from the bed and ends up in the wardrobe, making way for light cotton sheets and a fan. People are used to associating the feather with the cold of winter, because it is warm and comfortable. But is feather really warm? Or are we facing one of the many false myths that circulate around this extraordinary material? Read the article to find out the truth about feather articles and why they can be great allies in bed against the summer heat. 

Difference between feather, down and small feathers 

Before debunking some of the most common false myths about goose feathers, a distinction needs to be made. The quality of the material, in fact, plays a key role in its ability to thermoregulate body heat. Low-quality or synthetic goose down can never guarantee the performance of premium feather. Let’s take a look at the three types of natural feathers: 

  • Down: this is the most precious part of the feather, made up only of barbs. It has the shape of a flake, is very light, breathable and has an insulating function. Down-filled articles are the best on the market. 
  • Feather: feather is mainly used to stuff pillows and toppers and has a lower quality than down. As well as being heavier, it does not have the same thermoregulatory function as down, so it is less warm in winter and far too hot to be used in summer. 
  • Small feathers: these are the smallest feathers in the coat, and therefore lighter than feathers. Although quality is superior to feather, it is a much less valuable material than down. 

Before choosing a feather item, always ask yourself about the material it is made from. In addition, always check its warmth point (from light to extra warm) and filling power, i.e. the ratio between the volume and weight of the filling. A duvet with high filling power combined with light weight is certainly of high quality. 

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False myths about feathers

In summer, customers hardly ever ask for feather items in the shop. However, summer toppers and duvets often prove to be the ideal solution when suffering from the heat in bed. Among the false myths we have heard most often are:   

Feather products are warm, not suitable for summer 

False! Goose down has the extraordinary ability to store air, acting as an excellent insulator. This allows perfect body thermoregulation, keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks to its properties, the feather stabilises body temperature and ensures proper skin transpiration, providing optimal comfort in all seasons.

Duvet products cause allergies

The feather is naturally non-allergic, so we recommend it for those with dust and mite allergies. So where does the idea that feathers cause allergies come from? From the fact that it used to be washed by hand with Marseille soap, a product that can cause allergic reactions. Today, quality duvets undergo certified washing and sterilization treatments, so that even allergy sufferers are guaranteed maximum safety. 

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Goose down articles flatten immediately and are difficult to wash 

Caring for down products is much simpler than you think. You can wash the items in the washing machine at 30° and use the dryer without fear. Avoid bleach, use a mild detergent, do not iron or vacuum over a duvet. If you want to wash the duvet before storing it in the wardrobe for a long time, be sure to double rinse it and dry it thoroughly. You can also leave it outdoors in the sun. Once dry, you can also store it in a vacuum without damaging it. If the feathers have flattened, simply shake it with your hands to redistribute them evenly. 

Feather makes you sweat 

Another positive feature of down is its ability to regulate the moisture created during the night. When mugginess keeps you awake and sweating increases, down absorbs moisture and gradually releases it, giving you a pleasant feeling of freshness. 

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In conclusion, thanks to the microclimate created by thermoregulation, insulation and hygroscopic function, goose duvet offers ideal comfort even in summer. It is ideal for allergy sufferers and is easy to maintain and wash. It is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Don’t be fooled by false myths: feather is a versatile, practical and sustainable material!