Our values

We were born in the vast Po Valley, an industrious land where dreams have room to soar. From a small workshop in the province of Brescia, Mollyflex has grown year after year to become a competitive company with a strong international presence. At the heart of our mattress company lies the dream of the very first day: to become a benchmark for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their sleep and, more generally, their well-being. It is an ambitious dream that we strive to fulfil every day, with passion and dedication, by sharing values and working methods based on technological research, creativity, Made in Italy quality and respect for the environment and people. 

Research and technology

Constant investment in the company's technological growth allows us to produce increasingly better products in terms of performance, comfort and safety. 

The in-house research and development team guides the processes of innovation and product creation in terms of materials and manufacturing techniques. We use management software to plan production and speed up the handling of goods in the warehouse. This is the creative drive that takes Mollyflex artisanal know-how into the future.

Attentive customer listening and care  

We have always believed that establishing a relationship of trust with our customers is essential.

We aim to provide attentive, patient, and professional consulting services to those who turn to Mollyflex to improve their sleep. That's why we invest in the training of our staff, enabling them to guide people in their choices by recommending the best products to meet their needs. In addition to personalized consulting, we also support customers with after-sale service. 

Made in Italy quality 

Italian manufacturing is known and appreciated all over the world for its use of fine materials and precious craftsmanship techniques. 

An invaluable heritage that tells our story and guides the economic, cultural and social development of our country. We are proud to export the values and quality of Made in Italy in the bedding sector to the world. Our mattresses are masterpieces combining tradition and technological innovation: reliable, safe products with unmatched comfort.

Environmental sustainability

We are committed to ensuring that environmental sustainability is not just an abstract idea but a concrete project.

Our production processes take place with full respect for the people and the environment, following the principles of circular economy. In addition to reducing emissions and using certified materials, we recover waste resources and use more and more materials of natural origin, such as Tencel fibre, to create our products.