Federica Molly
Federica Molly

February 17, 2014

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Comfort and softness guaranteed with Mollyflex fibre pillows

It is very important to sleep well. The quality of sleep has a considerable effect on our physical and mental wellbeing, so it is vital to choose the right kind of pillow. It must provide the best support for the neck and shoulder muscles.

These new pillows by Mollyflex are filled with extra-thin layers of soft, comfortable hypoallergenic polyester fibre. They are ideal for anyone seeking an entirely antibacterial and non-allergenic pillow that guarantees adequate support and a good night’s rest.

This range of Mollyflex pillows comes in three types:

  • Eco fibre pillow
  • Plus fibre pillow
  • Ecological fibre pillow (made using scales obtained from recycled PET bottles)

All three versions can help you improve the way you sleep.