Federica Molly
Federica Molly

February 11, 2013

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Mollyflex presents Moontex pillows that guarantee a comfortable and healthy sleep.

Thanks to a continuous process of research and development, our pillows
show specific characteristics and new materials which are extraordinarily useful and highly comfortable: high technology polymers, highly perspiring, ecological and non-deformable fabrics.

MOONTEX PILLOW LINE includes a large range of pillows which, thanks to their different properties, ensure well-being and comfort to our sleep. These pillows help our body to assume a correct sleeping position by relieving the weight of the body and are particularly suitable for cervical spine problems.
Moontex offers two “green” lines: Moontex Aloe Therapy and Moontex Natur Soya.

MOONTEX is a high technology, memory/visco-elastic material.
Its extraordinary characteristics guarantee an extraordinary sleep experience and an amazing capability of holding and perfectly adjusting to our body shape and to all its irregularities, thus ensuring an absolute comfort and a perfect rest. This material allows the Moontex Line pillows to maximise their comfort and adjustability, offering at the same time a very high quality and long-lasting product.