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Federica Molly

March 16, 2017

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Products recommended for sleeping well in spring

Spring has always been one of the best-loved seasons: there is a lot more daylight, the weather is milder, and nature wakes up and donates intense fragrances and luxuriant views. Sometimes however, this season can have negative repercussions, above all as regards the quality of sleep.

Climate changes are not always stable – the 60 minutes lost with daylight saving time and the proliferation of allergy-bearing pollens can make spring a season in which resting becomes more problematic and difficult.

To that sense of listlessness and sleepiness which sometimes accompanies us during the day, especially in the early spring, can be added difficulty in falling asleep in the evening or that tendency to irregular and disturbed sleep during the night, with the consequent impossibility of waking up feeling rested and ready for the off in the morning. What can we do then to get back to sleeping well in the spring as well?

Slow down the pace to find new energy

Spring marks the rebirth of nature and we are regenerated with it! Let’s try and reduce the stress of work and daily life by setting aside at least half an hour a day all for ourselves.

Cleansing our bodies with fruit and vegetables

In spring, market stalls and supermarket shelves are full of seasonal goodies! Strawberries, peaches, cherries, but also cucumbers, asparagus and artichokes: colours and flavours to be enjoyed alone or in easy and mouth-watering recipes, without mentioning extracted juices, real energy concentrates with detox action.

Tidying up inside and outside with spring cleaning

Spring, cleaning time! Changing seasonal clothes in the wardrobe and more in-depth cleaning of the home as a whole, even though those are tiring jobs, have a beneficial effect on our mood.

Checking the mattress

Let’s take advantage of spring cleaning and general “renovation” to perform a check-up of our mattress too! How? By first of all asking ourselves a few questions:

– Are we satisfied with the support it gives us, or are we finding it too hard or else too soft?

– Are there any ups and downs?

– When we lie down, does it feel pleasant and cool or excessively hot and humid?

Does the mattress facilitate our movements with an elastic response or does it prevent them, making them slow and difficult?

Once we have answered all these questions we can concentrate on the choice of a non-allergenic mattress suitable for the spring season.

Mattresses with removable and washable covers represent the ideal solution. Some examples of mattresses suitable for the spring season are:

– Smooth and quilted Memo Deluxe mattresses.

– Memo Top mattresses, which thanks to their special silver fibre yarn do not lose their properties with the passing of time and washing.

– Visco Fresh and Memo Artic mattresses which, thanks to their polygel layer, permit quick adaptation of body temperature.